Usinage de Précision

AP Méca - Mécanique générale et de précision - Usinage grandes dimensions - Montage et essai d'éléments mécaniques
Z.A. d'Armanville - B.P. 312
Route de Prémesnil
50700 Valognes (Manche)
Tel: (+33) (0)2 33 53 11 36
Fax: (+33) (0)2 33 53 11 57

General and precision mechanics

Large part machining

Assembly and testing of mechanical elements

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AP méca is a young, dynamic and responsive company located in the Manche department of France, near Cherbourg. The wealth of its know-how is at your disposal.

We machine precision and large parts for the leading industrial sectors including the nuclear and petrochemical industries, and the aeronautical and defence sectors

From subcontracting to partnership, we assist our customers with a dynamic range of expertise and services.

With the support of our highly experienced team, all of AP méca's production is consistent with ISO 9001:2008 guidelines, thereby ensuring high-quality products for our customers.

Furthermore, as part of its development strategy, AP méca will be moving into a new facility in late 2010. These premises are designed to be environmentally friendly and will further enhance operational safety and ergonomics.

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